Eiwan highly encourages buyers / investors to contact Eiwan and verify the status of plot (s) prior to purchasing the same from any third party and / or executing any agreement with regards thereto. Eiwan only bears responsibility for transactions that are given effect by Eiwan. Under no circumstances, shall Eiwan bear any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or fraud of any kind, whatsoever, direct or indirect, as a result of transaction executed in respect of plot (s) in the project (s) of Eiwan which has not been processed or carried out via and / or through Eiwan.

Old Town Saddar Rehabilitation

CG has become an active player in the urban development program of old town Saddar, Karachi that aims to make Saddar a destination place for various walks of life.

Some of the most ground breaking interventions in Urban Design, Transport, and Utilities Design are planned for the Pakistan Chowk and Saddar areas.

The aim is to tap into the defining historical legacies of the neighborhood - multi-culturism, learning, public service – and bring these attributes to life through improved access, comfort and environmental suitability for residents and tourists visiting the city.

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