Eiwan highly encourages buyers / investors to contact Eiwan and verify the status of plot (s) prior to purchasing the same from any third party and / or executing any agreement with regards thereto. Eiwan only bears responsibility for transactions that are given effect by Eiwan. Under no circumstances, shall Eiwan bear any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or fraud of any kind, whatsoever, direct or indirect, as a result of transaction executed in respect of plot (s) in the project (s) of Eiwan which has not been processed or carried out via and / or through Eiwan.

Maanbar Housing Scheme

Maanbar Housing Scheme could be envisioned as a model residential development with the aim to achieve a balance among environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The planning and designing approach is adapted under the umbrella of Ekistics concept by ‘Doxiadis’ to provide quality community living having state of art infrastructure such as better connectivity of neighborhoods, proximity to daily activities, non-polluted sectors, social services as well as to ensure viability, security and sustainability.

The land use distribution and road network is organized on an organic grid combined with Cul desac planning determined by the relief of the landscape and the boundaries of the site, forming distinctive neighborhoods and a recreational zone consists of resorts, golf course and water sports etc. The sectors are designed to function as autonomous urban units, with multiple local centers, being self-sufficient in terms of everyday facilities and services.



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