Terms & conditions

Application and Allotment:

1. Eligibility Criteria: Applicant & Next of Kin must be a Pakistani Citizen (CNIC OR NICOP holder), having age not less than 18 years.

2. Application forms cannot be re-sold by any individual / organization / company.

3. Each Application form is only valid for selection of one plot category.

4. Allotment of plot will be through computerized balloting.

5. Processing fee against any application is non-refundable

6. Applicant/Allottee shall pay all taxes levied by Federal Government, local and municipal bodies or related authorities in future.

7. The payment plans does not include development charges.

8. All plot transfers are ONLY handled at Eiwan Developments’ Karachi office.

9. Eiwan doesn’t encourage transaction dealing other than our sales agent, authorized dealer, premier dealers or agents at Eiwan Developments office.


1. All payments must be submitted in the form of Bank Draft / Pay Order in the favor of (CG Holdings Pvt. Ltd for Oshun Project and Eiwan Developments Pvt. Ltd for Talaar Project).

2. You can also deposit cash in company’s bank account and present deposit slip at Eiwan Development Karachi Office or send it at finance@eiwan.pk.

3. In case you have any problem.

4. Eiwan Developments does NOT allow cash dealing with any of its representative may it be its sales agent, front desk agents or dealers.

5. Discounts on payment plans vary on project to project basis.


1. Project features may change on technical, legal grounds or for any other reasons, including provision of security and/or due to any restriction being imposed by the lawful authority.

2. Applicants will abide by all the terms and conditions of the Project in addition to the EIWAN Bye-laws, enforced from time to time and of any other Authority / Department related to the Project.

3. Developer undertake to complete and deliver the project within targeted period however if for reasons of force majeure which include acts of God, war, civil commotion, natural disaster, hostilities fire flood, earthquake, explosions, blockages and any other causes beyond control of developers they may abandon the project.