Eiwan Developments


Gwadar, the world’s largest warm water deep sea port, was bought by Pakistan from Oman, in 1958, at a cost of $ 3 million. It may be one of the most profound and strategically sound investments made by Pakistan government.

CPEC, believed to be China’s biggest ever overseas investment, will see a new 3218 KM route that will connect China’s Xinjiang province to Pakistan’s Gwadar Port, opening the region’s access to Europe and beyond.

Over Billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure projects are being built in Gwadar including Gwadar Special Economic Zone.

Put simply, Chinese expatriates, Pakistani workers and Gwadar locals will need a place to live and work in the city. Real estate and infrastructure development in the city will see a phenomenal rise to meet this genuine demand being created by CPEC.